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What Is It?

The Light Beam Generator - Visit The Web SiteThe Light Beam Generator is a valuable tool for restoring proper functioning of the body's lymphatic and immune systems.

What Does it Do?

(Jill Freed, CDP, LMT, with over 10,000 hours of hands on experience, finds that the Light Beam Generator decongests five times faster than normal manual lymph drainage techniques.)

Electromagnetic Charge

Molecules have an electromagnetic charge which either binds them together or keeps them apart.


The Light Beam Generator uses extremely low current cold gas light photons to re-balance the electrical charges in clumped molecules, separating them from each other and from their accumulated fluids.

The Results

The result is that swellings, tumour masses and other blockages are easily
dispersed, rapidly and completely.

The Light Beam Generator also aids in the
removal of food additives, including steroids which mimic hormones and attach to proteins. With proper lymphatic drainage using the Light Beam Generator, they can be flushed out.



Irene Oswald, PhD., Clinical Nutritionist: A 66 year-old woman with severe
lymph oedema in her right arm and hand found a one hour session greatly reduced the swelling and, after two additional sessions, her hand became normal.


Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D.: A 62 year-old woman had an auto-immune destruction of her muscle tissue. Steroids had not worked and further contributed to her
osteoporosis, with high pain levels. After twenty minutes treatment with the
Light Beam Generator, her range of motion without pain had increased, and her dowager's hump (fat accumulation from steroids) had dissolved on the treated side.



There are two main fluid transport systems in the body - the familiar blood circulation (heart, arteries and veins) and the less well known, but equally important lymphatic system (without which the circulation would fail and our immune system would be hopelessly impaired).


The lymphatic system consists of two semi-independent parts - a network of lymphatic vessels, and various lymphoid tissues and organs scattered throughout the body (including lymph nodes, the spleen and others).


The lymphatic vessels transport fluids and protein molecules which have escaped from the circulatory system back to the blood, and certain digested fats from the intestines to the liver. They also maintain the fluid balance in the tissues and provide a mechanism by which lymphocytes (a particular type of immune cell) can patrol the body.


The lymphoid organs play an essential role in body defence and the immune
system. The lymph nodes 'filter' the lymph fluid by removing and destroying
micro-organisms and other debris, preventing them from being delivered to the blood and spread throughout the body.


They also play a role in activating the immune system by monitoring the lymph for the presence of antigens (i.e. cells which are foreign to the body, such as viruses, bacteria or cancer cells). The main function of the spleen is to cleanse the blood, but it is also an
important site of lymphocyte proliferation and immune surveillance/response.



Light Beam Generator Treatment - Session InformationMolecules in the lymphatic system can clump together and bond electrically with
water to create disease, or conditions of swelling or abnormal growths.


When the lymphatic system becomes congested, lymphatic functions can become impaired, affecting the body's ability to rid itself of its own waste material and causing potential fluid build-up in the tissues, known as oedema.


A sure sign of lymph congestion is sore or swollen lymph glands, which are most noticeable in the neck, armpits, groin and intestines. Illnesses as wide-ranging as allergies, fibrocystic disease and cancer can be related to lymph congestion.


When the lymph fluid backs up because of a blockage, pressure builds up in the lymph vessels resulting in the whole system becoming toxic, due to waste
disposal failure. This toxicity prevents the cells from getting the necessary nutrients, causing cells to become inefficient or even incapable of functioning correctly.


If enough cells are affected, degenerative conditions are free to develop, or sometimes fail to respond to treatment.


There are many potential causes of lymphatic congestion, including disease,
prolonged immobility (e.g. being bedridden), pregnancy, direct trauma (e.g.
injury or infection), tumours or other cancers, or surgery.



Unlike the blood circulation which is directly driven by the pumping of the
heart, the lymphatic system relies on more indirect methods (such as the
contraction of skeletal muscles and pressure changes during breath- ing) to
move the lymph fluid around the body. Lymph transport is therefore usually
sporadic and much slower than blood circulation.


When lymphatic congestion occurs, external methods have proved very helpful in aiding the re-establishment of proper lymphatic function and the reduction of
toxicity and oedema. Detoxification is a vital part of any healing process as
only a detoxified body has the power, resistance and potential for healing.



Significant improvements in symptom reduction have been obtained using the
Light Beam Generator in a wide range of conditions, including pain (soft tissue
or congestion due to injuries), sciatica, PMS and inflammation,
gastrointestinal tract inflammation, acne and skin problems, allergies,
bursitis (joint pain), fibromyalgia (muscle pain), oedema and cellulitis, and
respiratory ailments.


The Light Beam Generator has been used in prevention efforts against breast and prostate cancers, prostate enlargement, mastodynia (breast tension/pain),
headaches and also pre- and post- operatively in surgery.


In all cases, the improvement is due to the Light Beam Generator's ability to improve lymph flow, while enhancing delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the bloodstream.

(Note: No claims are made about the usefulness of the Light Beam Generator for treating specific diseases.)


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